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Movement Assessment and Goal Mapping

Have you ever gone to a fitness class and, at some point during the class, realized it wasn't the right class for you? Did you sneak out early? Or maybe, you kept going, hoping no one would notice?


We've all done it. (Heck, even us here at Strong Soul!) But, especially with virtual fitness classes on the rise, this is a risky habit - one that regularly leads to injury. That's why offering everyone a free movement assessment was so important to us.


This session allow us to assess your joint mobility (essential for preventing injury!), and to hear first hand how you feel when you perform certain movements. Usually, movement assessments are only offered to individuals considering personal training. But at Strong Soul, we encourage everyone to take part in this complimentary service - especially if you're planning to partake in our group fitness classes. During our time together, if we identify a movement pattern that needs some work, we'll lay out exactly what exercises to avoid, show you what to do instead, and send you video tutorials so that you can practice. This way, whether you're doing a class live or On Demand, you'll know exactly what to do if the work out incorporates a movement you're not ready for.


Even if you've been exercising for a long time, it's always a good idea to have a professional take a look at how you move, so that you can learn what exercises would be best suited to you, so that you can reach your health goals quicker (and safely!).

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