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Sliding Scale Rates

Strong Soul Fitness + Health believes fundamentally that fitness should be accessible to everybody, and that financial resources should not be the only determining factor in being able to access health promoting services. We offer services at different price points, in addition to a variety of free offerings, and have decided now to implement a sliding scale option for our membership services. 
As pointed out by Alexis J. Cunningfolk, a sliding scale relies on the principles of truthfulness, respect for complexity, and accountability. Strong Soul will never ask for income verification or an explanation for your membership rate choice because we trust that you will be honest and reflective in your decision. Like Cunningfolk, we believe that community thrives when we center accountability, and that emphasizing support within a community allows all members to thrive.

A Breakdown of the Membership Rates

In addition to the monthly membership rate of $55 +tax, there are two alternative monthly rates offered:

The Strong Supporter Rate ($60 +tax) is a pay it forward option for folks who are living within economic security and/or privilege, and who might wish to contribute to financial accessibility. This is an opportunity to enjoy the membership perks and help out your fellow community members in the process. 

The Strong Community Rate ($35 +tax) acknowledges that there are folks whose economic circumstances would otherwise prevent them from being a part of the Strong Soul Community*. The pay it forward rate discussed above contributes to our ability to be able to offer this option.  

As you make your decision on the rate that seems most appropriate for you, we ask that you be mindful of those who truly need the financial flexibility we are aiming to provide with the Strong Community Rate. Not only does your honesty contribute to a strong community, but it respects the work of the creators and instructors within Strong Soul Fitness + Health. 

*If the Strong Community Rate is prohibitive, please reach out to us at so we can work together to find a solution.

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