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Additional Resources

Recipes, wellness articles, workout tips, and the occasional strong opinion. 

Here you'll find articles on pain management, nutrition (including recipes!), and health and wellness resources such as cardiovascular health, goal setting, stress management, and more. As you browse through these articles, you might notice that any information I share with you includes a list of references. That's because I'm a big fan of science, medicine, and health care professionals. It's also why those references will always be verified sources or peer reviewed journal articles. My articles are meant to inform and inspire you, and perhaps compliment (not replace) any recommendations you may have received from your primary health care provider. Information can be so empowering - especially when it comes to your health. I encourage all folks to prioritize their health whenever possible, to remain proactive by staying up to date with recommended tests and health screenings, and to work with their primary health care provider to determine the best approach for any health concerns they may have.

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