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Download Our Body Wisdom Pain Journal

After struggling for months after my Fibromyalgia diagnosis, I started journaling on a whim. Quite unexpectedly, it became my most valuable tool in helping me to connect to my body, minimize my pain flares, and take back the power I felt I had lost due to chronic pain. Now, I'm sharing it with you. 

A Daily Journal to Track Your Symptoms 

Track your pain sites, your energy levels, quality of sleep, and stress levels daily. This journal has the space to fill out morning and evening observations, so that you can look for trends or patterns  that might be connected to your pain.  


A Daily Nutrition Log + Habit Tracker

Space to jot down what you're eating and drinking and any observations about changes to your symptoms, plus a habit tracker to help you stay on track.


A Weekly Summary  

Condense your observations and brainstorm possible solutions with the weekly review, found after every 7 days. 


A Next Steps Planner

At the end of the 28 days, assess your weekly summary data and come up with some possible behaviour-based goals to introduce into your routine and track your results.

Four Week Daily Pain Journal

Thanks for submitting! Check your email for a copy of the Four Week Body Wisdom Pain Journal!

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